16 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Uniting the Feminine and the Masculine

Feb 25th, 2004 I can see how the beginning and the end are one and the same. How the past and the future merge into the present. How the writing of this book unites the dark and the light—the feminine and masculine. A merge is taking place as Yeshua seems within me, separating out to communicate then I breathe him back into my being. 

Feb 28th, 2004 So much transpires within my own family. Jarys argued with his religion teacher saying that the gospel interpretations are not what…he almost spouted “his brother said” He asked me what part he played then, believing as I do that we travel in soul families. After seeing The Passion, he envisioned himself as a prophet of sorts and wants me to see it. I do not know that I can. Kyra had a dream in which she described the house in Nazareth—although she has not read my work. Then she shared with the gymnastics carpool that she sees ghosts, has telepathic communication with her best friend, her grandma and me, and remembers a past life as a dark skinned girl named Sarah. Although she mentioned being Sarah when she was three, reading her history book has stirred up dreams and memories. Usually she is so cautious, but the girls received her inter-dimensional experiences with joy.

13 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Family Ties

Dec 23rd, 2003  Off to Utah for the family holidays. Anxious premonitions of my beloved Santa cup breaking. After 20 years of keeping them safe for my sisters, I tried to pack them carefully, but one tumbled out of the car, so I traded my unscathed cup for the fractured one. This trip is about breaking attachments, perhaps to things, but yet deeper, as Yeshua says, to what I believed my sisters to be. As I am coming to know myself as joyous passion I shall recognize who they are as love. So many sister dreams lately. Since childhood, I have flown in my dreams stringing them along like Peter Pan, barely able to get them off the ground. Lately in my dreams, I do not hold their hand, but try to teach them to fly on their own, but they resist. I feel tired, saddened. Will my sisters throw me out like Yeshua was thrown out of Nazareth? Strangers can be more accepting than those closest when you change too rapidly. 

  Dec 26th, 2003 A snowstorm traps us in the house, playing games, memories abound. On Christmas Eve, I experienced the power of the loving-kindness prayer. The family gathered around my sister’s large kitchen island arguing about the Cody Bank’s rape charge. When the manner in which the victim dressed was blamed, I felt the urge to jump into the fray, yet stopped and silently asked that my fear be lifted and I be filled with light and love, then asked the same for each and every one of them. When I got to Kyra, she looked up and mouthed, “What are you doing?” “Blessing us” I silently replied. The tension melted. The brothers-in-law about to engage in fist a cuffs, laughed at another’s joke and all was well. This morning my youngest sister hugged me fiercely claiming she thinks about me every day. Lately I can say the same. I wish I could see beyond the possessive love in this family, the competitiveness, the criticism, the ego…especially mine—my ego is much too overwhelming. My muse is on holiday, but lots of purple around me, my aura brilliant whenever I close my eyes. Torn between gluttony and deprivation, defenseless in the face of my family without bulimia to protect me. Trapped in a house of mirrors. One: reflecting unforgiving close-mindedness, one: emotional, temperamental, quick to strike, yet a core of love, one: distant, shallow immersion, non committal, one: lost in a world of self, one: poor self esteem, critical of all, not knowing when to hold her tongue, my brothers-in-law, my nieces and nephews clueless bystanders, my husband supportive, policing my behavior. This journal my only escape…