16 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Uniting the Feminine and the Masculine

Feb 25th, 2004 I can see how the beginning and the end are one and the same. How the past and the future merge into the present. How the writing of this book unites the dark and the light—the feminine and masculine. A merge is taking place as Yeshua seems within me, separating out to communicate then I breathe him back into my being. 

Feb 28th, 2004 So much transpires within my own family. Jarys argued with his religion teacher saying that the gospel interpretations are not what…he almost spouted “his brother said” He asked me what part he played then, believing as I do that we travel in soul families. After seeing The Passion, he envisioned himself as a prophet of sorts and wants me to see it. I do not know that I can. Kyra had a dream in which she described the house in Nazareth—although she has not read my work. Then she shared with the gymnastics carpool that she sees ghosts, has telepathic communication with her best friend, her grandma and me, and remembers a past life as a dark skinned girl named Sarah. Although she mentioned being Sarah when she was three, reading her history book has stirred up dreams and memories. Usually she is so cautious, but the girls received her inter-dimensional experiences with joy.

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