Excerpt from “My Lovedance”

I’ve been teaching my patients for years that thought becomes manifest in our DNA. Our self-talk directs our DNA to dance accordingly…as healing or dis-ease. And Russian scientists have now proven it!

Consciously directing our DNA is why I created Genesis Gold®…I alchemized into the formula (which came to me in dreams) my heartfelt intention to optimize our genetic potential by balancing hormones, neurotransmitters and cytokines (tiny immune messengers) so our biochemistry sings harmoniously to our DNA. With the help of Genesis Gold®, many have healed themselves.

Healing at the genetic level is through a symphony of biochemicals that carry messages to the DNA. Most of us are born with DNA encoded for survival. If our communication networks are functioning properly then the DNA gets the proper messages to adapt to any situation. Dis-ease is more of a maladaptation to the environmental exposures and disharmonious energies.

We now have scientific proof that water has memory and can be imprinted with whatever it is exposed to. Since our bodies are made up of at least 60% water then it holds true that we can imprint our cellular fluids with healing through positive thoughts, nourishing foods and joyous experiences. I’ve “known” this to be true since I became a healer… my healing energies are imprinted in Genesis Gold® and every day I take it, I send blessings to all those who are drinking it with me.

When the Japanese earthquake sent radiation spilling into the ocean, many of my patients called concerned. I told them that first, Genesis Gold® has enough sea vegetation in it to protect their thyroid from radiation uptake, and second, that by promoting harmonious communication, they would adapt to whatever comes.

Your DNA has the best blueprint for your adaptation to any situation.

Imagine mining your DNA for gold: Health. Wellbeing. Longevity. Vitality. Greater Mental Abilities. Emotional Intelligence. More Refined Senses. Increased Sensitivity. Sacred Attributes. Well, you can.

I mine my DNA by swimming Fibonacci patterns. Diving under the water I imagine diving into myself, into my cells, into my own genetic code.

With each figure eight I swim, my mind clears, I relax into myself, and soon insight bubbles to the surface. I like to swim but you can do it anyway you please. The figure eight motion whether swimming, walking, dancing is meditative in itself.

Anytime I have a healing concern, I dive into myself. Usually my body will communicate back to me what is needed to heal: a change in diet, more sleep, different activities, a change in scenery.

Going more deeply, past the afflicted body part, into the tissues, the cells, finally into the DNA itself, I find what is needed may be a shift in consciousness.

First we must be open to change before healing transformation can begin. That’s really the hardest part—being open to receive healing.

When healing seems evasive, I often wonder how I’m blocking healing. Usually it’s emotional. Unresolved grief, unexpressed anger, or deep fear manifests itself as dis-ease. It’s the emotion that may be blocking healing, even our own healing intentions.

Once I had a patient come to me to lose weight. So I counseled her on changing her sleep patterns (she was a night owl which contributes to insulin resistance and obesity), changing her diet (which was SAD—the Standard American Diet—high in calories, low in nutrients), begin exercising (she was completely sedentary with a daytime desk job) and most importantly to learn to love herself enough to make the changes necessary to get healthy.

She struggled with her weight…never quite ready to make all the changes necessary to get healthy. Oh, she dieted and would lose some weight. She started exercising and again weight would come off. She learned to sleep at night which improved her insulin resistance. Yet she was coming for help, out of fear of dis-ease, not out of love for herself. While we made some progress, it didn’t stick.

Then she started taking Genesis Gold® and began noticing all the ways she was sabotaging herself. She described becoming a more compassionate observer of herself. She decided finally it was time to change for good.

She took the plunge. And discovered a deeply ingrained belief that was sabotaging her weight loss. Over time with more counseling and more work on her part to learn to love and appreciate herself, this patient got down to healthy weight and has remained there since. And she does not have to be so strict with her diet or obsessive with her exercise. She can even miss some sleep and not miss a beat. With the change of attitude and help of Genesis Gold® to balance her hypothalamus, her hormones, and her metabolism, she is manifesting her best self.

It takes much courage to dive into yourself and discover what is needed for your highest wellbeing. No one else can do this for you. You can be guided with visual imagery, hypnotized, counseled ad nauseum, yet ultimately, you must commit to yourself and take the plunge.

I created Genesis Gold® to help us tap into our greatest potential. It’s all in our DNA, everything needed to be healthy. We are already whole. We just got to dive deep to discover the treasure. Go on, now, take the plunge!

Emerging from Parasitic to Partnership in our Health Care System

Since being back in the throng of conventional medicine it has become very clear to me that our health care system is parasitic. It feeds off dis-ease.

Insurance pays poorly or not at all for health education to empower patients. It pays by diagnoses—the more dis-eased, the more it pays. Yet you cannot treat everything at once.

No, insurances do not pay well if you try to take care of all the patient’s concerns in one visit. It pays to have the patient come back and back again for each complaint.

And there is no time to educate, let alone empower the patient.

Our health care system encourages parasitic relationships between health care providers and patients. If you get them well, you lose money.

I once worked for a doctor who complained that I gave the patients too much information. He said: If they know too much, they won’t need us.

I left his parasitic practice and opened my own—a symbiotic health care practice. Free from the confines of insurance reimbursement, I am able to spend time educating my patients. And they got better. And then they send their friends and family. I never advertise—my whole practice is word of mouth referrals.

My work began by insisting on symbiotic relationships with my patients. We became partners in their health care. I educated rather than medicated. I tried to shine the light of illumination on their dis-ease. How their lifestyle choices, environmental influences, and belief systems affected their physiology.

What maladaptive genes might be lurking in their DNA and how to change their genetic expression. Yes, it is possible to transform DNA—it’s why I created Genesis Gold.

I’ve found that Genesis Gold often brings our parasitic relationships up to the surface of our consciousness. I created Genesis Gold to heal maladaptive genetic expression—one of which is vulnerability to parasites. Our body mirrors our soul’s lessons. Genesis Gold illuminates that which no longer serves, so we might release it.

As my patients take more responsibility, own their knowledge, transform their lives, they experience gnosis—they “know” innately in their bodies the truth of their dis-ease and begin to heal.

So when the time is ripe, dig in and muck out your parasites—inside and out.

And I shall work on the health care system by teaching patients how to partner with their health care providers.

Death and the White Light

Eddie. He came to me in the fall of 2002, diagnosed with lung cancer. His lawyer, a patient of mine, suggested he consult with me, as a clinical endocrine advisor in a research project using natural progesterone to treat cancer at the Sansum Medical Clinic. Cancer is not my specialty. I specialize in neuro-immune-endocrinology which I believe is at the core of most dis-ease. So I spent two hours going over his history, looking for signs of age-related decline that could be at the root of his illness, trying to understand why this brilliant man’s body was failing him at 52, and explaining the biochemistry of cancer as related to the complicated system of hormonal miscommunication with DNA.

Exuding enthusiasm, Eddie asked, “So you have something to balance my ligands?” He was brilliant, one of the only patients who understood the scientific lingo of my theories. He was even open to the psycho-spiritual roots of dis-ease, including the irony of being afflicted with cancer after inventing thermal implants to treat brain tumors.

In fact, I did have something for him—my Genesis Gold® formula to balance the hypothalamic orchestration of the neuro-immune-endocrine system—but, in theory only. After completing pilot studies the year before, my personal funds ran out and I struggled to find a manufacturer to mix even a small batch. Eddie took my hand and offered to help.

“No,” I protested, “you came here for me to help you.”

“Perhaps I came to help you. My cancer was a fortuitous portal for our meeting.”

Thus began our journey to manufacture my formula so he might partake of it. He truly believed he would be cured by my invention. In the meantime, I recommended a natural treatment regime, since he was opposed to traditional therapies, and spent much time counseling him and sharing many spiritual portals. He treated me as a beloved daughter, introducing me to colleagues who would forge the path to the birth my nutraceutical product. Becoming attached, I searched for cures for his cancer.

The day I brought the first bottle of Genesis Gold® to him, he smiled, beckoned me closer and whispered, “I knew you could do it.”

It was his last lucid moment. At the request of his family I had been coming to his lovely villa in the hills of Santa Barbara to help him die. As a nurse practitioner, I treated the walking well. Some patients had passed over the years, usually of old age, occasionally untimely, but not since being a neophyte nurse had I witnessed death.

After graduating nursing school in 1983, I worked on a surgical floor at UCLA Medical Center. We saw the sickest of patients—heart transplants, complete surgical resections of the bowels, lung resections. My first encounter with death was a young woman, my age, dying of pancreatic cancer. When I arrived on the night shift and saw her Do Not Resuscitate order, I knew her family and physicians had given up. Not me! I was not going to let her drown in her own secretions and stayed by her bedside suctioning her tracheostomy. Her intern refused to give me a permanent suction order so that I would take care of my other three patients, so I handed him the suction catheter and called the chief resident. My colleagues were appalled. No one called the chief in the middle of the night, especially not a nurse.

Amazingly, he wasn’t upset, but asked if I saw the DNR order. “Doctor, I’m not resuscitating her. I just don’t want her to be alone. I…” Seeing the intern escape down the hall, I tried to hang up on the chief.

“Oh, no, you don’t. We’re going to discuss why you can’t let her die.” I resisted, but he kept me on the phone until it was too late.

The charge nurse helped me prepare the young woman’s body for the morgue. And with tears, I was forced to let my patient go.

Twenty years later, I was not so resistant. Eddie’s family left me alone with him. I sat at his bedside and meditated on how I could help him pass. I had already counseled with each of his family members. When I thought of his recalcitrant son who had finally agreed to see his father after our phone conversation that morning, I felt a wave of gratitude. And it wasn’t mine, it was from Eddie. I opened my eyes.

His diminished energy, faded to non-existent in his limbs, now concentrated in his heart chakra, shimmered, and I gasped to see a funnel of light connect to him. He appeared to lift from his form—pure white light not the fiery red of his life force—and enter the conical shaped energy. Other light forms greeted him, ancestors and guides, passing him along to the end. And at the infinite end of this brilliant white light was pure Love. He was enveloped, embraced like long lost lovers, the encounter so intimate; I was torn between turning away in deference to such a private moment and watching in awe.

Suddenly, Eddie’s essence turned away from the Light and I was swept up to see from his perspective. It appeared as if the room where his body lay, even me at his bedside, existed in a fishbowl. The reality was the Light, the physical existence, an illusion. So peaceful, so blissful, the light was very familiar to me.

I remember calling in the White Light to protect my little sisters while I was away at kindergarten and invoking the same White Light to surround my own children whenever I dropped them off for school. If I would forget, my daughter would remind me, “Mommy, do the White Light,” and I would swaddle her and her brother in the protection of the Light that had always comforted me. In that eternal moment, I recalled how the same White Light seemed to bathe my patients and me during a healing and was the one I used to calm injured animals before treating them.

I’ve never been afraid of dying, although letting others go was difficult. My fear lay in being alone, separated from those I love by death. As a healer, I had taken a very long time to release my savior complex, to understand that I was not responsible for my patients’ illnesses, nor could I take credit for their cures. I was a midwife to their healing, holding the space in which they recovered or not—it’s always their choice.

That night after his son came to his bedside to say goodbye, Eddie died.

Two months later, I received one of my greatest openings and began writing my life’s work. Never a moment of writer’s block, it all just flowed in. The synchronicity of events, from the creative process, to publishing LOVEDANCE®, to going out in the world to market has been amazing. Still, I am learning to ask for help and whenever I feel resistant, I hear Eddie, “Perhaps I am here to help you,” and open to receive another’s assistance.

Witnessing the rehearsal of his death was Eddie’s final gift to me. Death is a passing through the veil of illusion and into the truth. There is nothing to fear.

Accessing your Akash for Spiritual Guidance

My most aha moments come in active meditation—walking, swimming, even trail riding on horseback and lately riding behind my husband on our motorcycle. The movement, the connection with the elements of air, water, earth helps me “dive” into my inner knowing. I call it mining my DNA. The easiest way I mine my DNA is to swim in an infinity pattern (a figure eight) in our pool. I swim underwater allowing the sensory deprivation to carry me into my genetic memory.

My belief is that our truth is within our DNA. While our DNA holds our biochemical inheritance—our eye color, body type, blood type– it also carries information important to our soul journey.

If genetics—the chromosomes and genes of our DNA—are what is physically expressed, mimetics —the music or vibration of our DNA—is what is spiritually expressed. Think of it as ancestral memory or even karmic imprints.

The Akash is the “record” of our spiritual experience. One we can access by ourselves or with an escort. Usually the escort is a psychic who has practiced tuning in to another’s akashic records. Until recently, I have never had a formal escort into my Akash.

As synchronicity would have it, I was contacted by a follower of this blog who wanted me to meet a woman who did Akashic readings. As a holistic healer, I have had offers like this before but this one intrigued me. So I checked out this woman who called herself the rock whisperer and felt moved to experience a reading.

So on May Day, I had an Akashic reading over the phone with Krista Mitchell.

It was one of the most loving, affirming, positive experiences I have ever known. I have had experiences with psychics before…when I established my integrative medical practice the spiritual gurus seemed to come out of the woodwork seeking my hormonal expertise and wanted to barter with me…yet none were as loving.

Krista began in prayer before “opening my records”. I was greeted with much emotion, with images of Dove and Fawn, and awash with kindness, gentleness, caring. It was reaffirmed for me that I’ve been a healer many, many lifetimes. I was “shown” how the pink soul path of divine love has been my existence this lifetime. This felt true to me. I’ve always felt loved, beloved, and tend to come from my heart in negotiating my way through the world.

And I was reminded to ASK.

Healers tend to give and give of their own resources. We rarely ask for help and when we do, we are barely open to receive it.

I was asked if I had any pain in my left lower back. And yes, I did, very much so. In fact just after scheduling this reading, my back went out…severe spasm on my left lumbar sacral area. I had been dealing with nerve impingement in my right leg and right arm and have had much body work, yet this back spasm nearly took me out.

And this pain in my back was keeping me from moving forward.

Last year, I finally finished my second book—LOVEDANCE OF THE MAGDALEN—got it edited and released it for feedback just before going to Europe on a long promised trip with our grown children in celebration of their college graduations. We had an amazing journey to our mother lands of Italy and Greece, then shipped the kids back home and spent our 30th anniversary in the South of France. Here my beloved husband escorted me through the legendary path of Mary Magdalen.

When we returned, I spent time recording my Magdalen journey, waited for my blurb writers to finish reading the manuscript, and ordered a new batch of my nutraceutical product—Genesis Gold. I taught a long awaited neuro-immune-endocrine course for my nurse practitioner colleagues through the early fall. Then my manufacturer closed its doors and filed bankruptcy…before completing our batch of Genesis Gold. We were completely out of stock.

I spent a month trying desperately to find a new manufacturer. Finally I got down on my knees and prayed for guidance…I needed to ask for help from my patients and customers. So with great difficulty, I explained the situation and asked for prayer and positive energy to find a manufacturer and support me in court as I tried to get our deposit back.

From that moment forth, I was carried by loving energy all through the fiasco until I finally found a manufacturer and waited months to receive a new batch of Genesis Gold. One of my patients expressed surprise that my other patients and customers might not help me. And I replied, “I know they love and support me, yet I have a hard time asking for anyone’s help and more so, receiving it.” Even when I’m getting body work, I feel my therapists’ energy and spend the time counseling them instead of just relaxing and receiving.

So all this time LOVEDANCE OF THE MAGDALEN was put on the back burner. Once I received the shipment of Genesis Gold and got all our presales mailed out, I thought for sure I would be able to move forward and find an agent for my book. Yet fear settled in, my neck and back went out, and I just couldn’t move.

So divine orchestration set up this meeting with Krista. And forced me to be still and receive. My daughter’s wedding dress needed to be picked up that same day, so I was sitting in the back seat of her car just listening to the counsel that came through Krista.

The “guardians of my Akash” helped me clear the energetic block in my back. I was also encouraged to “ASK” for divine assistance through direct prayer. And I was greatly encouraged to “PUBLISH IT”! I was “told” the world needs to be shown this Divine Feminine Way of accessing Source.

Since then my back is getting better, my fear dissolving with every heartfelt prayer, and I finally wrote a query letter that I believe captures the essence of this book.

LOVEDANCE OF THE MAGDALEN will break open an ancient archetype to unveil the true power of the Divine Feminine. It is time. My pink heart path is shifting to one of emerald green as I fly from my home nest of Ojai and bring my Divine Feminine truth into the world.

Thank you, Krista, for reminding me how loved I am.

Now I ASK, you, my beloved readers, to send prayers and positive energy as I launch this process in finding the right agent who will bring us to the right publisher, who will then put LOVEDANCE OF THE MAGDALEN out into the world so that the Divine Feminine is graciously received.


Love and Light,


The Hypothalamic Connection


The good news is that I’ve been getting a lot of questions related to the hypothalamus lately.

The bad news is that there are so many people not getting hypothalamic help.

This is a classic question that I believe should be addressed in detail:

I showed my naturopath the ingredients of Genesis Gold and he said “You have been on several of these but perhaps it is the combination of them that could work.” Is it the actual combination of ingredients? Do my symptoms sound to you as though they are hypothalamic in nature? (severe exercise intolerance, temperature intolerance, gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, insomnia, hormonal problems, constant/frequent urination, anxiety, fatigue coupled with strange frenetic energy, etc…) 


Yes, it is the combination of ingredients…that works.

And Yes, I do think it is your hypothalamus that is the root of your problems.

When I first started treating hypothalamic dysfunction fifteen years ago, I was prescribing multiple bottles of supplements for my patients then was constantly adjusting dosages. I found that putting it together allowed for lower dosages and better results.

Think of it like Mrs Field’s Cookies. While all chocolate chip cookie recipes have the same basic ingredients, her recipe produces a superior cookie.

Yes, Genesis Gold has all the herbs and micronutrients to support the neuro-immune-endocrine system that are typically recommended for hormonally challenged patients, no where else will you find them all in one bottle working together to balance the hypothalamus.

Sacred Seven contains all the same amino acids you will find in free form aminos, yet it’s the way they are put together that is specific to supporting the hypothalamus.

A very challenging patient with hypothalamic dysfunction consulted with me two months ago. With adrenal deficiency, thyroid imbalance, glucose intolerance, depression, anxiety, insomnia, vestibular imbalance (meaning she could not walk without support due to severe neuromotor dysfunction) plus no sex steroid production after a total hysterectomy, this patient was at her wit’s end.

Now on disability, she had been to seven different medical specialists over the past ten years, five different alternative healers, and multiple supplements by her own research. On her own accord, she stopped everything except some bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and started taking Genesis Gold.

Two weeks later, she came into the office walking on her own. She was sleeping, had more energy, and experienced a stability in her moods that was unparalleled by all the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and other natural and illicit mood stabilizers she had tried over the years.

The key to her healing, I believe, is that she was ripe. She had done all her homework, tried lots of other therapies, and finally sat before me and surrendered to healing.

In the past, the patients who have not had such dramatic healing, well, they were not ripe…not ready to heal… She actually said, “I surrender to whatever healing you have in store for me.” And then she did the work.

It took work to accept healing. She had no idea how resistant she had been before taking Genesis Gold. Oh, that is one of the gifts of Genesis Gold, you become very aware of what your body needs, what you need emotionally, how your relationships affect your health, how your past affects your health, how your environment is helping or hindering your healing. Then over time, you learn to make the changes necessary to heal completely.

It may seem strange that a supplement could affect your psycho-emotional, body awareness. Yet that is what I intended when I created Genesis Gold. I intended it to upregulate the DNA to optimize health to heal body, mind and soul. And that is what has happened over the years. It just happens faster when you are ripe for healing…like fruit, then it’s sweeter. If you try to force healing, it’s like picking unripe fruit…the results are bitter…and may be seen as side effects.

A few of my past Genesis Gold patients had side effects due to detoxing so stopped taking it. Then years later, they come back and start again…and guess what? No side effects! They realize that they were not ready before.

I have learned to accept that I cannot force healing, that the patient heals herself, I am just a coach, an advisor, a cheerleader during the healing process.

I hope this helps you. I know it’s helped me clarify the healing process.


Thank You!


Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP

Intuitive Integrative Health