My daughter’s wedding…truly a living LoveDance!

On Saturday my daughter married her best friend. Like my love story, hers began early. They met freshman year in college and nearly eight years later they wed. My artistic daughter designed everything for her beautiful wedding. Her father built the chupah. She hand painted driftwood with each guest’s name. My sisters placed over 80 vintage bottles filled with hydrangeas, greenery, baby’s breath and fairy lights on heirloom lace doilies at every table.

She carried my Nana’s hankie, and had two of Poppop’s hankies embroidered for her father and me to dry our happy tears!

my hankie

140 family and friends celebrated with us!

Years ago when I first set up my LoveDance website, my daughter painted a picture that reminded me of Yeshua and Mary Magdalen. And Saturday when she met her beloved at the chupah, I once again relived the beautiful love story.

closeup ring

Our little family joyously expanded with a new son…

family pic

Here’s to Happily Ever After!

Go with the Flow

Writing the wedding scene in LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter was confusing and enlightening. I dreamt of two different ceremonies and then tried to put them together into one scene. My computer ate that chapter! Struggling, I called my rabbi friend. She confirmed that there were in fact two ceremonies in first century Hebrew culture.

So I learned to surrender to the process of creation. Flowing with the visions and the dreams, I became one with Mary and as she awakened so did I.

Find out why Yeshua does not veil his bride in the third chapter—Becoming As One.

May you always flow peacefully.

Blessings of love and light,


10 Remembering Mary Magdalen: The Merge

Nov 13th, 2003 I wrote a scene in which Mary wears the wedding necklace Yeshua made for her in Britannia and perceives the life force of those around her with such clarity. Always have I perceived another’s energy, smelled dis-ease especially cancer, empathetically felt in my body what ails another, yet as I imagined then wrote what Mary saw, my own vision became clearer. I can see energy about others, colors and shapes. If I write it, it becomes! 

Nov 15th, 2003 An insight keeps coming in—involving the merge. I feel more like the entities which I hear and see are merged within me. I can request their presence and perceive their guidance, but instead of coming from outside of me, they emerge from within. I feel happier with this level of connection than before, but my rational mind questions everything. It seems to be happening for me very rapidly, something that my mentors would comment on—the rapidity in which I would learn and then manifest. What took them years of struggle takes me weeks. I have always been a quick study, grasping difficult concepts rapidly, and jumping into what I believed to be the truth without looking first. I am impatient and tend to drag everyone I love with me. They become excited by my passionate enthusiasm, my colleagues used to say I could sell ice to Eskimos. I feast at the table of life, encouraging all to join me. I do not believe anything I am or have experienced is mine alone, but can be experienced by others.