time is ripe

17 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Like Mary, I am a healer

March 7th, 2004 Well, I am a sensory healer! My beautiful patients reinforce why I am here. One young woman wanted a tour of her body, asking me to show her the energies claiming that my gift is to blend the spiritual and medical. In our next home, I would like a Chamam, a place for women, not just my red skirt that signifies my time, alerting my family to treat me warily. Kyra cut her hair and gave it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. How lovely she is with her golden brown curls! How brave to give of her essence to strangers. She is the true Divine Daughter, seeing the light in all, living in joy. 

March 11th, 2004 The time is ripe to disentangle my cords of attachment to Steve, Jarys, Kyra, Mom, and yes to Yeshua. I have surrendered the others already. Just as I did as Mary, thus I will do as Deborah and discover the I AM. Do I choose this day to face the front or the back of the mirror? The back of 3-D phenomena—that which all creatures instinctively interact or the front—the true face of G-D, of the universal image. As I clear the dust of my memory, I see more and more connections. As I view the back with an eye to the front, a greater perception occurs and I can laugh at my humanness. Again something has shifted in my interiority. Today I write the surrender of love, especially Steve and Kyra. Jarys is easier for I surrendered him to his destiny when I birthed him into college two years ago. Since then I have danced more gracefully with his loving intelligence. Undifferentiated from illumination are children, but for the fullness of the human experience, each must develop all the me’s, then awaken to a deeper illumination and gather the little me’s without judgement, allowing them to be cast into the light of the One. The collective me’s develop in this life to be unified  into the I, then connect tot the universal I AM. Children refer to themselves as me, the more enlightened ones like Yeshua use “I” from early on.

Mary Magdalen unveils HERstory


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LoveDance is HERstory

It is a voice of the Shekhinah

It is a remembrance of the Sacred Feminine 

LoveDance is the dance of the Divine within

It is reverence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

It is union of the split self through Sacred Marriage. 

LoveDance is a path to awakening

It is the tale of a divine couple who knew their truth

It is your story. 

LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter came to me in a dream.

Although I promised my patients and colleagues to finally reveal my secrets to optimal health in a self help book, the universe had different plans for me.  My life’s work morphed into a novel. By writing Mary’s awakening, I began to receive my truth that in spite of my scientific training, I am an intuitive healer. My patients encouraged me to divulge the lessons from the book, so I released chapters of the first draft for feedback.

It should have been no surprise that my readers had transformational experiences, but I was in awe, because that’s what happened to me. I always believed in the profound potential within each of us. That’s how I believe healing occurs. It’s already encoded; we just have to tap in to the potential for it to become manifest.

My understanding of human consciousness is an evolution of the Mother-Father-Son-Daughter aspects of the Divine. Originally, humans worshipped the earth as the Divine Mother, her body was ours. Then we looked into the cosmos and envisioned the Divine Father as spirit. In the last two millennia, avatars teaching in parables initiated a revolution of the mind, and ever since the Divine Son has been the center of religious worship.

Now the time is ripe for the Divine Daughter to manifest in human consciousness. She is emotion weaving the mind, body, and soul into Sacred Unity with All That Is.

I believe Mary was the original embodiment of the Divine Daughter achieving Sacred Union with Yeshua, the embodiment of the Divine Son. Although lost in history due to the fear-based struggle between politics and religion, her story is fortunately being remembered. Writing from Mary Magdalen’s perspective helped me remember who I am. Sharing in her journey may help you, the reader, gain a remembrance of your truth.

As it turns out, I did write a healing book. Everything I wished to teach—the bio-psycho-spiritual healing lessons—are in LoveDance. In story form, the way a beloved avatar taught some two thousand years ago. 

Abundant Joy,