Lessons from 2010

The long nights of winter are a time of contraction—as we go within to find our own light. With the rebirth of the sun on the solstice, we appreciate our many blessings—as the outer light reflects our transformation. 

As I reflect on this season full of blessings, I cannot help but be touched by the transformative events of our lives this past year. 2010 was a year of great change. The first half spent living life in the moment—our new year’s mantra—as we cherished every precious drop of time spent with my husband’s beloved grandmother. Gran passed in July yet her light shines through every flower picked for a bouquet, every hummingbird sipping sweet nectar, every sip of coffee that we so enjoyed sharing with her.  

Gran’s passing heralded three more—a dear patient, our Great Dane and our old horse. Yet death begets birth…opportunity flows into our lives…we are filled with wonder… 

My daughter Kyra was the first to be blessed by Gran… only one month later…accepted into nursing school! A natural born healer, she is thriving spiritually and academically making the Dean’s list. The world is blessed to have her healing hands and intuitive heart.  

The first to feel Gran’s passing, my son Jarys has become filled with her light…truly seeing the light in each of us.  A newly credentialed teacher, he works with underprivileged children in San Francisco and every family gathering, he blesses us with his wisdom. 

My husband Steve is the most sweetly affected. Gran has inspired him to enjoy the present while sipping the past like sweet wine and allowing the future to manifest in ripe time. He prepares for retirement by collecting lessons learned while serving the public as a police officer. I am so very grateful he arrives home safely and ever wiser after every shift. 

My own growth has been profound.  Taking care of Gran at the end of her life and helping midwife her through the veil of death has helped me become a more complete healer—embracing spirit as I heal body, mind and heart.  More challenging patients come yet it is not clear who is more transformed—them or me. 

This holiday season as we celebrate with family and friends, I pray to honor Gran by embracing the light in each and every one of them.  

After so much time spent in the cocoon of our making, we shall finally emerge in 2011—like gracious butterflies—enjoying each flower of opportunity. 


Many Blessings of Love and Light,






12 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Digging up Skeletons

Dec 7th, 2003 Steve is most delightful as I delve into a difficult part—child abuse remembered—not of this life, but so vivid…Thankfully I have family outings like Kyra’s gymnastics meets to punctuate the writing. My sister had her surgery, never taking advantage of a healing, oh well. My visit with her today was yet another layer as she expressed verbatim what I wrote one of the characters said to Mary…and knows nothing of this writing. 

Dec 16th, 2003 Such a long haul, delving into the past. My bulimia up again, although I resisted, it nearly floors me as I am exhausted by processing the energies. It is as if I am healing a universal pain. Who I am as joy has felt distant these past 12 days. Steve has been insightful, offering wisdom. Yeshua teases that he was one of his best students.  

Dec 21st, 2003 My meditation on the solstice revealed an aspect of forgiveness forgotten. I was shown how I need not forgive but give thanks for the roles played by my partners in life. Forgiveness denotes that something was done wrong, when all is as it should be. Gratitude for the divine orchestration is all that is necessary to heal. Yeshua is still with me, but rather than him feeding me insight, it comes through me more clearly now as if my courage has torn the fabric of illusion that I am separated from the divine. In this book so many issues are dealt with—depression, poor self esteem, suffering and sacrifice—all balanced by hope, joy, peace and abundance. These books are the expression of all my work as a healer, a mother, a woman, written to illustrate the concepts presented in our life stories. Alas my patients rarely remember the scientific and philosophical concepts I teach, but they do remember the stories I share.