54. TO HEAL SELF – Part One

Excerpt from “My Lovedance”

A heavily laden fog dripped down my mare’s legs as she pranced excitedly beneath me one damp Friday morning in late September. Holding the slick reins in check, I hesitated at the crest of the trail. As the steep wet asphalt lay disturbingly before us, a premonition caught my breath. I saw my mare fall trapping me underneath her. Well aware that thought creates reality, I tried to clear my mind and rode on.

Not fifty yards later, my mare spooked and in an effort to stop her from bolting, I turned her up the sharp grade. She slipped and, as if rehearsed, I vaulted off her back. Thankfully not pinned under a thousand pounds of terrified horse, I managed to save my skull from what would have been a concussive blow, landing instead…on my mouth. Scrambling to my feet, I ran after her, touching my bloodied lip to extract my front teeth.

Thanks to a kind gardener/caballero, I caught my runaway horse and made it home first tending to her wounds, my teeth in my pocket. Typical of most healers, I am reluctant to ask for help, but my husband perceived my unspoken distress and jumped out of bed having worked the graveyard shift to drive me to the emergency dentist.

The dentist shook his head when I handed him the cup of milk in which my broken teeth floated. “I cannot replace these…”
Patting his arm, I encouraged him, “I know you can do it. Please, you must believe in your ability.”

While I prayed, focusing on the living essence of my teeth with healing intentions, he performed the procedure, then made me promise to go to the emergency room for x-rays. Although I did everything the dentist recommended as well as all the holistic remedies I would have prescribed for someone with similar injuries, I bemoaned my ill fortune.

My face was a mess—my nose, lips and chin skinned, swollen and bruised—like I had been beaten. I called my sister, who cried, “Oh, Deb, your beautiful teeth!” No braces, no cavities, straight and strong, my vanity lied in the perfection of my teeth. How could this have happened? I taught my patients that everything happens for a reason, but I couldn’t see why. I even called my spiritual mentor, who provided only practical advice. I was on my own.

I believe each of the seven chakras of the body deliver purposeful messages, so what was this fifth chakra, which represents speaking one’s truth, saying? I fell asleep wondering and awoke Saturday at dawn to meditate in nature.

Surrounded by my animals, even my very sore but sorry mare, I sat at the edge of a huge ugly gaping hole. We had just moved into the country and having lived through one unbearably hot summer began construction on a swimming pool. Our land was scarred and so was I. My mare nuzzled my back, while the dogs whined piteously with me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. Not that small quiet voice that compassionately guides but one so obnoxious that the animals gave me a wide berth.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve been given a gift…practice what you preach and heal yourself.

I actually smiled, cracking my scabbed lips, but I didn’t care. This accident was a gift! Hugging my horse, I thanked her. Have you ever seen a horse smile? Remember Mr. Ed showing his big teeth, well, that’s what she did, smiled at my recognition of her part on my soul’s path.

Then I hurried in the house and took a good look in the mirror. Instead of seeing a broken reflection, I saw the healing. I became my own best cheerleader. I told my body what a great job it was doing every time I washed my wounds. I blessed every herbal supplement for helping my system recover. Every ounce I drank in gratitude (dentist’s orders—no solid foods) praying that each nutrient find its way to repair the damage.

And by Monday, I was whole and healed, not a single scar. A couple of days later, I went back to the emergency room to pick up some x-rays and the nurses didn’t recognize me. Oh, yes, and to the dentist’s great surprise, my teeth took root.

Healing is an innate power within each and every one of us. It is encoded, I believe, in the unexpressed DNA, ready to be turned on by the power of our intentions.

To be continued on Friday, Sep 8th.

Mucking Parasites

This morning I was mucking the corral, removing the old sodden straw from under the oak tree that my mare likes to lie under. The green swampy aroma of wet hay brought me back three and half decades as I remembered sampling the same kind of muck for my freshman biology class—the beginning of my love affair with science.

Mucking is hard work. I’m sure to feel it later. But the swampy soup of microbes living under this matt of straw must be moved. It’s not good for the oak tree and it’s not good for my mare. Unfortunately her wet slimy bed is contributing to the thrush in her hooves.

We live in a world of microbes. Some are parasites—feeding off of us, infecting us, weakening us. Some are symbiotic—helping us digest our food, protecting us from pathogens, breaking down our waste.

Thrush is horse fungus.  A parasitic microbe.

As I cleared the muck under the oak tree, I knew the sunlight would clear this parasite. The ground would dry enough to lay down fresh straw and my mare will be delighted. Fresh straw for a horse is like catnip for a kitty. She’ll be in heaven. And free of parasitic thrush.

How many times have I diagnosed parasites in my patients? Fungal infections, viral infections, intestinal parasites—all feeding off their resources, taking a toll on their health and wellbeing.

How many times have their parasitic infections been a reflection of their parasitic relationships in their lives? Human parasites—codependent relationships with loved ones and friends, emotionally abusive relationships at home and at work.

Parasitic relationships—inside and out.

Enlightening my patients as to the relationship between their internal parasites and those parasitic relationships in their external world helps begin their healing process. They recognize the connection and see the symbolism of their body’s language.

We all have skeletons in our closets. Old wounds, traumas, issues of dysfunction from childhood, from past relationships. Once we begin cleaning out our closets, we become aware of our parasitic relationships. Sometimes our body has to mirror the parasitic relationships as infestations before we recognize our human parasites.

And Genesis Gold often brings our parasitic relationships up to the surface of our consciousness. I created Genesis Gold to heal maladaptive genetic expression–one of which is vulnerability to parasites. Our body mirrors our soul’s lessons. Genesis Gold illuminates that which no longer serves, so we might release it.

As we begin to choose symbiotic over parasitic relationships, our reality shifts.

Dis-ease heals.

Relationships heal.

Yet like mucking a corral, mucking out parasites is hard work!

Parasites don’t give up easily. So be prepared for die off. Your parasites, whether they be microbes or humans, will hang on for dear life. They don’t want to be cut off from the source—of food, of finances, of emotional support—no matter how damaging for you.

Don’t give up. Stay the course. Treat the parasites. Then wait. They will come back. To test your vulnerability. So treat them again!

You’ll be sore. But it’ll be a good sore. Because you’ll know that you are choosing symbiosis.

Choosing to live in mutually beneficial relationships with everyone—microbes and humans alike.

So when the time is ripe, dig in and muck out your parasites—inside and out.