I am a Healing Bridge

As an Intuitive Integrative Nurse Practitioner, I bridge together the science of medicing with the art of healing. Unveiling the root of dis-ease is my speciality.

Intutitive Integrative Medicine

Deborah Maragopoulos

At the surface, the roots are biochemical. Diving deeper psychological roots can be uncovered,

but the core issues are often spiritual.

The soul speaks through the body in the symbolic language of dis-ease.

I try to help my patients reach their greatest potential by creating Joyous Transformations—body, mind, and soul.

The time is ripe for me to share my pearls of wisdom with the world.

Dearest Deborah,

How can I ever thank you? It’s simply because of your loving kindness and extraordinary wisdom that I have my life back! I feel better than ever and never knew I could feel this great in my 40’s and beyond! You’ve definitely found your calling and are answering it! Thank you! You are most certainly a life saver!

With all my love and gratitude,

Janette Malibu, CA

Hormonally Challenged

Being a woman entering the thrills of the perimenopausal rollercoaster does not make me an expert. It does make me genuinely empathetic with the Hormonally Challenged.

Being a neuro-immune-endocrine specialist for the past twenty years…well, that contributes to my expertise regarding hormones.

Yet as I receive more and more Hormonally Challenged patients into my holistic health care practice, my expertise becomes more and more refined. Like good wine, it takes years to reach the peak flavor of healing.

In 1997, I broke away from a conventional medical setting to begin an Intuitive Integrative Medicine practice. Full Circle Family Health is where I blend the Art of Healing with the Science of Medicine.

My specialty of natural hormones grew to encompass the gamut of endocrine disorders—diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal deficiency, growth hormone deficiency, low metabolism, insomnia, fatigue, infertility, andropause, PMS, and anti-aging therapeutics. Still the majority of my patients were women going through the change of life.

One day I got a call from a local gynecological surgeon. “Deborah, I’m sending you all my weird hormone patients.”

I thanked him and asked what was so “weird” about them.

“Well, in medical school,” he answered, “you learn that A leads to B and occasionally C, but I get to Z and still can’t figure out these weird hormone cases.”

“That’s because, Dr G,” I explained, “endocrinology is not an exact science. It’s an art.”

“I’m a surgeon” he sighed. “you’re the artist, you can take care of them.”

That’s when I came up with the term—Hormonally Challenged. Health care providers are as challenged by hormonal issues as their patients.

My Hormone Story
Although conscious of being able to perceive things beyond my senses, I suppressed my gifts and pursued a scientific education to justify my “knowing.” Yet with the birth of my first baby, I could no longer deny my intuition.

Born Hormonally Challenged, my newborn stumped medical experts who advised a course of treatment that didn’t feel right. So I followed my intuition, against medical advice, and ushered my son through the maze of health care. My intuition proved correct. Scientific studies have since supported my decision.
In the midst of supporting my son through multiple corrective surgeries, I dreamt it was time to conceive my daughter. She was born full term, healthy, and very much connected. Consciously parenting bright, gifted children has been challenging, yet greatly rewarding.

When my son was later diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, I sought natural means to help him. And the universe gave me lots of opportunity to practice. Parents came from near and far with their developmentally delayed children to seek my care.

Intuitively, I felt that these children’s brains needed nourishment. Their parents willingly mixed the “brew” I prescribed because it worked, but they begged me to formulate a nutritional supplement to make it easier.

The hypothalamus is the master controller of the hormones, the immune system, and brain chemistry. Everything essential to life is orchestrated by the hypothalamus. The hormones literally sing to the DNA, and the DNA dances accordingly.

So I began intense research to find what I could feed the hypothalamus and harmonize the symphony of hormones, so the dance of the DNA can express health and vitality.

I believe healing is innate. If given the right ingredients, the body can heal itself. Searching for a nutritional support between genetics and the biochemical messengers of the neuro-immune-endocrine system, I was stymied until my son suggested I ask to be shown what to make. The answer came in a dream.

In My Dream…
I was standing before the Tree of Life, holding a golden chalice. My most Hormonally Challenged patients came to drink from the chalice and were healed. I awoke asking what was in the cup. The first answer came as seven Aramaic letters! Amazingly they translated into the same single letter denotations used for the seven amino acids I had been studying related to the hypothalamus.

For three months, I dreamt the same dream, awakening every morning with more ingredients for a special formula—nutritionally dense super foods to provide foundational support, herbs to support individual endocrine glands, the immune system and the brain, botanicals to enhance digestion and detoxification, and special amino acids to balance the hypothalamus— everything the body needs to optimize genetic potential.

This is how Genesis Gold® came through me to you.

Genesis Gold- Creation in a Bottle

Is Your Hypothalamus Causing Your Health Problems?

Hypothalamic dysfunction could be root of your health issues, if you have the following symptoms:

• Weight gain and inability to normalize weight
• Hair loss
• Exercise intolerance
• Lack of endurance
• Hot flashes
• Temperature intolerance
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Skin rashes
• Moodiness
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Intolerance of usual stressors
• Forgetfulness or brain fog
• Irregular periods or No periods
• Infertility
• Headaches
• Thyroid disorders
• Adrenal disorders
• Auto-immune diseases

I have been writing articles regarding the hypothalamus for years and finally the public is reading them. When I got this email, I realized that the time is ripe for the role the hypothalamus plays in our health to be appreciated:

I have been doing research on the Hypothalamus and more specifically the disorders that can plague that gland. I stumbled upon an article you wrote which included a link to your product Genesis Gold®. I have to say that I am very intrigued, as the information you have provided speaks to me and the trials facing me. I would like to give you a history, if you do not mind….

Then she went on to describe a myriad of the above symptoms…which she assessed was hypothalamic after many doctors and treatments later had not relieved her of her problems. Her health goals were to:

• Lose fat and gain muscle
• Improve sleep and energy levels
• Balance hormones and improve fertility
• Ease symptoms of depression

I guess the whole point of this email is to inquire about your products. I am willing to try just about ANYTHING and I am impressed by the “idea” of your products. My main concern is the cost and the validity of your products and company. I mean no offense, but it is so hard to tell what is real, and what is a scam. I find the information on your site to be very accurate, and informative…especially since there really isn’t a lot of information on hypothalamus disorders and even more so on what to do about them. I would appreciate it if you would write me back.

Thank you very much.

So I wrote back:

I understand your reservation.

Genesis Health Products was incorporated in 2000. The product has been on the market since 2003 and available online since 2007. I waited to make it available to the public to take time to collect data on a wide variety of populations. I seeded the internet with articles in 2008. It’s just been the past couple of years that people are interested in the hypothalamic connection.

Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® are the only plant based nutraceuticals that focus on balancing the hypothalamus, improving hypothalamic-pituitary axis, and supporting the neuro-immune-endocrine system. I created them because I could not find anything in allopathic or naturopathic medicine that would correct hypothalamic dysfunction.

As you know, there is no way to measure the hypothalamic hormones without killing the lab rat. So we have to make an assumptive diagnosis based on the decline of hormones directly related to hypothalamic function—like those controlled by pro-opiomelanocortin—the thyroid, adrenals, and pancreas.

Since Genesis Gold® has been available, I have seen patients completely dependent on hormone replacement therapy (adrenal, thyroid, sex steroids) with hypometabolism and metabolic syndrome heal.

One of my patients, a woman in her mid 30’s diagnosed with hypopituitarism and an anatomically normal pituitary gland, came to me wanting bio-identical hormone replacement rather than the synthetics she had been taking for years. She had never had a period and only with obsessive exercise and HRT was she able to keep her weight under control.

She did very well on the bio-identicals for years. When I finally got Genesis Gold® manufactured, she agreed to give it a try. Over the next eighteen months, she was able to wean off her hormones, all of them. And had her own periods not induced by exogenous hormones. I told her it was time to think about contraception. She laughed. She still believed what the doctors had told her all her life—that she was infertile.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the age of 43. She has been hormone free since. I suspect that when she gets close to menopause, she may need some transitional hormone supplementation.

She is my most dramatic case. I have others with hypothalamic dysfunction yet not full panpituitary syndrome who have been able to start functioning on their own.

So far fourteen babies have been born to previously infertile women using Genesis Gold®. I have had insulin dependent diabetics be able to cut their insulin dosages in half. I have patients with thyroiditis normalize their anti-thyroid antibodies and reverse their hypothyroidism. I have seen polycystic ovary and amenorrheic women menstruate normally after just a couple of months of use.

Genesis Gold® and Sacred Seven® are the only plant based nutritional supports for the hypothalamus. With glandulars you are limited to six months of use as after that studies show that the glandular is dispersed through the system rather than concentrated in the target gland. We were not meant to consume the glands of animals for more than medicinal purposes.

I wish that I could afford to do the research necessary to support my findings. All I have are case studies. Yet Genesis Gold® sells itself. People see how well their friends and family are doing and start taking it too.

I recently started consulting in a conventional medical practice. These patients are over medicated and undereducated. The physicians do not believe in supplementation. I’ve broached the subject with some of their tough cases. And those who have chosen to take Genesis Gold® are responding quickly. Perhaps that is because they are so very toxic with all the medications and poor diets.

Most of my customers/patients find that Genesis Gold® replaces many bottles of supplements saving them at least half in cost and a whole lot in convenience.

While Genesis Gold® contains Sacred Seven® amino acids, I find that adding extra Sacred Seven® hastens the healing in the toughest cases.

It’s about time we got to the root of so many health issues.

The hypothalamus is maestro of the entire symphony of hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune factors. Plus it controls all our basic body functions including those essential for survival.

Thankfully, the hypothalamus is very responsive to nutritional therapeutics. And I created Genesis Gold® to support the hypothalamus. If the maestro gets support, the whole orchestra is more harmonious.

Feed the body what it needs to heal and it will heal.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Yours in Health,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC
Intuitive Integrative Health


2015 has turned out to be a transformative year. So much change. Some of us will feel the transformation more acutely than others.

We might notice changes in sleep patterns. We may experience anxiety or depression, foggy thinking, low energy. We may experience the stress of some crazy events around us in our families, in our communities, in the world around us.

What was once true seems to shifting. What we once knew is relearned. Everything changes. Gold transforms to silver. Dark shifts to light.

In 1997 I decided to leave conventional medicine and go out on my own to start my own integrative health care practice. It’s been a journey and now I have come full circle. Ironic, since I named my practice—Full Circle Family Health. I wanted to get back to the root of health care, to be able to practice the art of healing, to use my scientific training to become a medical detective, to uncover the root of dis-ease, to find alternative therapies when allopathic medicine could not heal or was not the patient’s choice. And I did. I created a holistic health care practice that focused on individualized therapy for each patient by merging the science of medicine with the art of healing.

Full Circle Family Health allowed me to come out of the closet and practice Intuitive Integrative Medicine. And the patients came from around the world. By word of mouth, they found me. More and more difficult cases. Each one unique. And I developed unique integrative treatment protocols—nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, natural hormone therapy, lifestyle counseling and education, spiritual mentoring, focusing on the symbology of dis-ease and soul lessons. The farther on my spiritual path I journeyed, the more receptive my patients became to learning the mind-body-soul connections. As I healed, so did they.

Then the recession hit. And I fought back. I maintained my cash based practice. No, I never accepted insurance reimbursement. Patients paid for my services out of pocket then sought reimbursement from their insurance. And they got what they paid for. Individualized care that focused on prevention, education rather than medication, and healing therapeutics that fit their belief systems. And most awakened to their truth, their soul purpose became clear, they began expressing their authentic selves in all aspects of their lives. And they healed.

In 2000, I developed a nutritional product—Genesis Gold—that became my foundational therapy to heal neuro-immune-endocrine imbalances and optimize genetic potential. Of course, science has yet to prove genetic optimization, but the proof is in the pudding. Few of my patients came to me well, paying cash meant a bit of desperation on their part and a great deal of commitment. I was often the last of their many medical and alternative consults. They had journeyed far in seeking healing so by the time they came to see me, they were pretty worn out by the system. The disease oriented system. Not only that of conventional medicine, but even their alternative practitioners tended to focus on relieving symptoms rather than getting to the root of the issue. Not that I blame them, it’s what the majority of patients want. “Can you just make this go away, doc?”

I am a big believer in teaching a man to fish rather than fishing for him the rest of his life. Conventional medicine is about doctors doing the fishing. My nursing background taught me that unless patients are educated they will never learn to heal themselves. And really we do not heal them. I do not heal my patients, I teach them how to heal themselves by helping them remember their innate healing abilities. And I model that remembrance for them.

The proof is in the pudding. My patients are the pudding. And so am I. If I don’t walk my talk, how can I expect my patients to be able to live healthier lives? Not that I prescribe any one diet, exercise program, or lifestyle. There is not one diet that’s right for every body. Not one exercise regime or lifestyle that is best for everyone. Individualized therapy is the key. And that takes time. Time consulting with my patients, performing thorough physical exams, learning their way of learning, of healing, of making shifts, and trusting my innate gift as a healer to pick up on the subtle energy of imbalance, whether it is hormonal, neurochemical, chromosomal, mental, emotional, spiritual. Even more reason for me to keep as healthy as possible. Healing is vibrational. If I am in tune then I can feel when they are out of tune.

It’s why the eye doctor has the thickest glasses. We attract what we are, what we believe. And I believe in the healing potential of every body. So they come sick and leave well. Not the same day, yet over time, they learn to heal themselves. I teach what I know. And I know optimal wellness.

May You Experience Optimal Health,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC


15 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Expressing Gratitude

Jan 23rd, 2004 My walking meditation revealed that I need to express my gratitude. I do for Steve, the children, this writing, my ethereal connections, my patients and family. Perhaps I do not give myself fully because I am afraid of the fullness of my power. Before I sink into despair the universe offers a gift. A patient I helped wrote to thank me for helping her, yet it was she who helped me see that depression is lack of self love and appreciation. I have compassion for the human condition for I feel very much connected to my form in this earthly density.   

Feb 1st, 2004 writing the Qumran experience is unnerving for what I have envisioned does not jive with what the scholars of the Dead Sea scrolls believe existed in the ancient Essene city. When I called my rabbi friend for advice she said to “forget 2000 years of Victorian Christendom and just be Mary!” I told her of my visions while writing the desert scene and she was surprised, claiming that what I “saw” is what kabbalists believe. How could I know what is only revealed word of mouth unless I was there? She believes in past lives. Sometimes I don’t know for it feels more like I’m living in two realities at once—the one two thousand years ago infusing remembrance of my potential into the present. The writing goes slowly for my emotive nature as Mary creates such drama; everything has sharp defined flavors—bitter sorrow, sweet joy, salty frustration. 

Feb 20th, 2003 Steve expressed concern about the book coming out. That I might not complete the work, that I’m more enchanted by the journey than the destination. And I am but that is the point of this life—the joy of the journey. Besides I have finished everything else I planned: my education, my professional leadership, my private practice, the children nearly grown, still happily married. Except the hormone book. I think he believes it would be more legitimate and thus safer. Perhaps but I have faith that this first draft will be completed this spring.