Remembering Mary Magdalen

2 Remembering Mary Magdalen: In the Muse

The sacred feminine is not lost, nor is she forgotten.

She has been veiled by history.


Time to unveil HERStory.


My journey into the consciousness of Mary Magdalen continues…

Sept 17th, 2003 Overwhelmed, giddy from the experience of writing the first chapter, I felt like I was not revealing a memory but living in the moment. I could smell the odors, see the colors and textures, feel the wind, the linen, the touch of his hand. I am being transformed and once again as I sit here to type, the front door blows in, the wind chimes sing, the birds chitter rapidly. A presence is here again which guides me.       

Sept 18th, 2003  What a revelation—on my son’s twentieth birthday no less!  I awoke before dawn to liquid purple teardrops slipping through my consciousness. The purple is what I see when I meditate and lately has been calling me to be still. This time I associated the purple with Yeshua and we talked like lovers, old friends, companions. I am clearer now on the multidimensional nature of reality. Yeshua described how he can be here with me as Deborah incarnate on this earth, and alive and well in my past life memory. It is all NOW. There is no time. The entity of Jesus Christ was not the man—Yeshua. “You must present us as the human beings we were, I was a man first.” I asked why he doesn’t come in like this to comfort me, like with my suffering over finances. He said I could be so silly, that the security situation was being taken care of, as T…Steve pointed out, always grounding me. I got the immediate vision that my husband was Teoma. Steve had taken many lifetimes to be with me in this way, always before protecting the bloodline. Then Yeshua spoke fondly of my daughter, Kyra is so beautiful, “I miss her”…  

Sept 19th, 2003 So much comes in with Yeshua more deeply entwined in my life. Sometimes we are merged, most of the time we hold very human conversations, and more often his energetic presence is bordering on the physical. I feel rushed, excited, frustrated. The rest of the historical details coming in pieces, I strove for clarity in a text book all the while getting more confused as the dates seemed wrong. I could hear Yeshua advising me to put it down and just write. It’s so interesting that when I relax, the verse just flows in present tense, all my senses are attuned to the writing as I taste, smell, feel the experience. As I become more distracted and nervous about the content, I distance myself unconsciously by writing in the past tense.

1 Remembering Mary Magdalen

I am a healer. I am a woman. I am the voice of one forgotten.

The time is ripe for the Divine Daughter to be received.

I remember Mary. Do you?


“…hurrying down the dusty streets of Nazareth. Anxious to meet my friend. My fine linen tunic flapping against my legs, the smell of roasting goat. Passing the women at the well, I hid behind my shawl. They would tell my mother. Martha’s face haunting me…I shall return the favor of diverting our mother at the Festival of Trees. Finally arriving in the house of Joseph, humble compared to our grand homes in Magdala, Cana, Bethany… My skin tingled as he looked up, liquid eyes absorbing me. Receiving my gift of a rose quartz, Yeshua’s touch thrilled me. I am…Mary.”

Dream recorded in my journal on September 16th, 2003.


Here lie entries from my journal describing the experience of bringing LoveDance into this dimension. I share with you, dear reader, my delight and my despair, my hopes and my fears. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.