1 Remembering Mary Magdalen

I am a healer. I am a woman. I am the voice of one forgotten.

The time is ripe for the Divine Daughter to be received.

I remember Mary. Do you?


“…hurrying down the dusty streets of Nazareth. Anxious to meet my friend. My fine linen tunic flapping against my legs, the smell of roasting goat. Passing the women at the well, I hid behind my shawl. They would tell my mother. Martha’s face haunting me…I shall return the favor of diverting our mother at the Festival of Trees. Finally arriving in the house of Joseph, humble compared to our grand homes in Magdala, Cana, Bethany… My skin tingled as he looked up, liquid eyes absorbing me. Receiving my gift of a rose quartz, Yeshua’s touch thrilled me. I am…Mary.”

Dream recorded in my journal on September 16th, 2003.


Here lie entries from my journal describing the experience of bringing LoveDance into this dimension. I share with you, dear reader, my delight and my despair, my hopes and my fears. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

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