August 6th, 1983 I married my beloved. We were sealed together for all eternity. We took it seriously…the sealing…although I have a certain amnesia when it comes to the secret temple ceremony. Sort of like Mary Magdalen. My life is loosely portrayed in Mary’s story. I called it LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter…but it is My LoveDance…my Awakening to my Divine Daughter Potential…and with that I became whole…fully embodying the Divine Mother and now becoming the Crone (the Divine Grandmother energy of the Triple Goddess).

I have a memory of being in my mother’s womb, looking between my legs to find NOTHING…and feeling great despair because I knew how hard it would be to accomplish my mission on earth in female form. Thank the goddess, the world shifted during my lifetime…or did I shift my world?

I have started writing my story so many times. I have lots of stories collected over the years…my experiences as a human being. I have read with interest other’s stories of their awakening to their power…especially women…who tend to be more intimate in their story telling. Mine is different, I believe, in that I came knowing this life was about joy. I remember a calm acceptance of the family I chose… a gentle leading of my mother and father as I taught them how to parent me. A shepherding of my sisters…protecting and guiding them. Then a great need to be me…yet perceiving the world as unsupportive…I arrested my blossoming womanhood until I met my beloved.

I do not remember a time when I was not in communication with the earth, with the animals, with the plants. I have always felt others…their hopes, their fears, their dis-ease…I sometimes heard their thoughts, but mostly knew their hearts…their truth…saw their divine light. I learned very early the system of being human. How not to get distracted by the unseen in order to be present in reality. It’s as if I have been able to maintain my 3D channel while simultaneously watching many other channels…some I gathered information from, some entertained me, some guided me.

The past and the future were intertwined with my present. I could always see my future, dreaming of it many years before it would come to pass. I learned very early to wrinkle time…I remember reading A Wrinkle in Time and knowing that the author knew how too. I also remember disappearing.

I slipped in and out of the reality in which my friends and family existed quite easily. Playing hide and seek, I used this ability. I did not think of it as a talent then, I just did it. Only in writing Mary’s story did I consider how I did it. Before Mary’s story came to me, I did not consider my past lives.

Well, I did have a dream just before dreaming I was Mary Magdalen. I was a gypsy in a concentration camp. My husband had been killed. My daughter had been safely removed from the country by my father. I was a healer and the Nazis were using my abilities to assist in their experiments. I found a way to thwart them by releasing the souls of their victims before they could finish torturing them. I worked with my deceased spouse (the same one I’m married to now) who would take their souls through the veil. I knew they would eventually kill me, but I was not frightened…rather excited by our subterfuge. I woke up in joyous wonder of that time.

I knew then as I know now that all is of the Divine. Yes, all…the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a matter of perspective. It’s our choice how we perceive life’s events. We can choose fear as the container to hold our experiences. Or we can choose love.


Excerpt from My LoveDance – a memoir of a spirit on an human journey

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