I enter the cave from the cove. Bright orange fish reflect the fading light. Swimming silently in the brisk dark water, I go deeper. Voices echo indistinctly as kayakers enter the ocean side of this long dark sea cavern. The tunnel curves so the light cannot follow. I can see nothing. Only feel the brush of kelp against my bare legs and smooth fluttering of fish passing near. I raise my masked face to take in the dark. This could be scary if I chose fear. But I choose love. And swim on through the dark.

My niece swims past me never raising her head, so I follow her out to the open ocean. I promised her mother, I would watch over her. We wait for my sister to join us. We wait and wait. And after a long while, my sister appears. She clutches a rock nearest the tunnel and rips off her mask, breathing hard, panic emanating from her. She looked up in the dark and chose fear.

I calm her down. Get her to use my snorkel to slow her breath…and swim with one hand on her back. My sister blames her reaction on a kayaker taking underwater photography. “It was creepy. Pornographic!” I sigh…we are in wetsuits. When choosing fear…we often need to find something to be afraid of. I asked my niece if she was frightened. “No, you were with me.”

Three ways of being human. We can be like a little child and Trust. We can be like most of humanity and reflexively choose Fear. Or we can be conscious and choose Love.

Always three choices. The world is not duality, but a trinity of possibility.

This life I chose Love.


* Excerpt from My LoveDance

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