The Seven Layers of Soul Lessons

Doesn’t it seem like we keep replaying the old scenes? Just as we think we have conquered an issue, it raises its ugly head to torment us again. Why is that?

Well, I believe we revisit our problems (or they revisit us) in order to deepen our perception. We seem to learn our soul lessons in layers. And it corresponds to how energy runs through our bodies—to the chakras, which correspond to those biochemical messengers called hormones. Everything’s connected. Body, mind and soul. Your lessons may manifest outside of you or within. As relationship issues or dis-ease. Both really originate from within you. Which means you can heal them.

You relive the situation over and over to better understand it and to heal yourself from the most basic level to the highest perspective. It’s like taking math classes. We don’t usually start with calculus. We begin learning math by counting, then adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, working our way from basic math, to algebra, geometry, math analysis and finally calculus. We learn in layers.

Whenever my patients need a reminder of why they are revisiting challenging issues, I give them this short handout.

1) Red Layer: represents first chakra. It’s all about survival. We struggle to make our way through tough life lessons. Most of humanity barely survives life’s lessons. Not yet searching for meaning, those of us who do make it celebrate our survival from dis-ease, loss, trauma, etc. It’s as if we fought a war and won. We honor survivors. If they can do it, then so can we.

2) Orange Layer: represents second chakra. It’s all about gathering the sweetness of the lesson and trying to move on. We look for meaning in the lesson—what we learned. We love the “enlightened sayings” of those who appreciate the sweetness of life. It makes us feel good to share our hard earned wisdom, to read about or watch others’ stories that seem to end happily. It gives us hope. Receiving the blessing of the lesson is where forgiveness begins.

3) Yellow Layer: represents third chakra. It’s all about balancing will and emotion. Although this is a deeper layer, it feels less than. You thought you learned your lesson and here it is like a bad rerun rearing its ugly head. You know you should feel better about the lesson, but fear creeps in as it repeats itself again and you try to will it away, move on, not stoop to just surviving as you did in the beginning. You try to count your blessings but the sweetness has bittered. Time to release your fear. This is the place most of us get stuck. This is what wears us out, when our adrenals crash, our health fails, we age, we wish to die.

4) Green Layer: represents the fourth chakra. It’s all about compassion…for self! Here we learn to love ourselves. There is an energy of gratitude for our humanness. This is the deepest level of forgiveness when we can be grateful for the players in the drama of our lives. Those who seem most enlightened exist here. They express compassion to others for they have learned self compassion. The beloved teachers and gurus have shown us how to be human and live in the heart. But more lessons are to come…

5) Blue Layer: represents the fifth chakra. It’s all about truth. Your truth. Fully digesting the lesson and expressing the divine truth of the lesson in your life’s work. You have grown tremendously from the first time you faced this lesson. When it repeats itself, you are able to graciously receive it and name its truth. Being embodied on earth gifts us with soul baring opportunities to know our selves intimately. This is when the teachers are quoted and become immortalized.

6) Indigo Layer: represents the sixth chakra. It’s all about insight. You now have deep insight into the lesson as your relive it a sixth time. Quickly you survive, receive the sweetness, release the fear, feel compassion for yourself, express the truth of the lesson and become the gnosis….the experiential divine. You need not speak your truth to BE your truth. You exist in harmony with all life, following spirit deeply into this lesson without struggle. Yet one more time you will revisit the lesson in this life or another or perhaps beyond the human existence…one more time…

7) Violet Layer: represents the seventh chakra. It’s all about multidimensional connection. This is where Heaven meets Earth in you. You now have the Divine perspective. You understand the purpose of your humanity. You appreciate your emotions as vehicles to higher, deeper manifestations of Love. You are truly enlightened in regards to this lesson. Finally you are free…

Time for another sacred lesson!

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