Let’s celebrate Mary Magdalen’s Feast Day

Since writing LoveDance in 2003, I have celebrated Mary Magdalen’s feast day. Usually I honor the Magdalen in quiet ceremony, but in the summer of 2013, we took a family trip to Europe to celebrate our kids’ college graduation and our 30th anniversary.

On July 22nd, we happened to be on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. After a long day of visiting Pompei, we were having dinner in an open air restaurant in Minori. My son asked what I planned to do for Mary Magdalen’s Feast Day. I replied, “I spent the day with my beautiful family.”

Then the owner of the restaurant served us espresso and suggested we walk to Atrani for the “Parade of Roses” at midnight. A parade at midnight? I asked, “Is this in honor of Mary Magdalen?”

“Yes, the Magdalena! You will love it.” He smiled at me.

So we walked twenty minutes up the winding narrow Amalfi Coast highway to join thousands of people on the great seawall of Atrani. The Italians were laughing and singing and kissing each other, very excited for the parade to begin. The streets were so narrow and packed with people, no room for a parade. Then the churchbells rang and everyone turned to look out over the seawall at the peaceful harbor.

At the stroke of midnight, the biggest, most grand fireworks display began over the harbor! It lasted a good 45 minutes and ended in fireworks that landed on the water in the shape of red roses! The symbol of the Magdalen! The churchbells tolled for a half hour as we joined thousands of people dancing down the streets back home. The Italians honor the Magdalena with flair!


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“Love is eternal and since each of us is Love, then we are also eternal. Not the body.” Yeshua pats his chest. “No, the body will die. But who I am as Love can never die. I have always been Love and so have you.”

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May You Live Your LoveDance,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC
author, speaker, healer

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