LoveDance is HerStory!

LOVEDANCE: AWAKENING THE DIVINE DAUGHTER reveals intimate details of Mary Magdalen’s relationship with Christ. Unlike other works of fiction seeking to cast history’s most controversial woman in the mold of accepted scripture, LOVEDANCE breaks the mold to unveil Mary Magdalen as Yeshua’s sacred partner—sexually and spiritually. History draws a one dimensional patriarchal view of the man known as Jesus. HERstory paints a multidimensional sacred feminine portrait vibrantly colored by the passion of the time.




Author Deborah Maragopoulos FNP is an intuitive integrative family nurse practitioner who conceived her debut novel through dreams and visions.  “I set out to write a healing book but after dreaming I was Mary Magdalen, she became my muse. Forever changed by HERstory, I realize LOVEDANCE is the healing book I was meant to write.” Those who dare to open themselves to the gift of LOVEDANCE discover precious insights, layers of spiritual truths, and a deep connection with the Divine.



“LOVEDANCE takes the story of Mary Magdalen and Christ to another level… everything the characters are experiencing is described so the reader can feel it, see it, smell it…works on the spiritual level. Being that Christ had so many gifts, this seems more like how his life was…” Readers Views


Readers Choice Best Spiritual Fiction



by Deborah Maragopoulos FNP; 552 pages, Softcover, $25


Profits benefit Divine Daughters Unite

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