11 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Mirrors Everywhere

I believe everyone in our lives act as mirrors reflecting back to us our soul lessons.

What we see in them is what we believe about ourselves.

Most of us do not see ourselves reflected in others.

Most of us feel as if we are the only ones.

Most of us do not recognize our own divine potential.

But it is as if the G-D has a multiple personality disorder…there is only one of us here!

  Nov 18th, 2003 As I struggle to become the fullness of who I am, I am faced with doubt in my closest mirror—Steve. He thinks I may be delusional. Yes, I hear voices as I did as a child. I communicated telepathically with those who could hear me like Nana. I heard voices of nature, the animals and plants, the wind and the sea. I work energetically with my patients. The reality is this connection, the rest is an illusion. I am remembering the union before I came, the agreements. I reminded him that when I began my spiritual journey six years ago that I was afraid he would be left behind but to my delight he has kept pace, perhaps not seeing things from my perspective but so much more than before we began. I love him dearly. He explained that he has always had to follow me that he has a great responsibility born of love, how much he loves me and the children; he thinks that when I complete this work that I will no longer be the person he remembers loving. But where would I go when in his arms I am grounded to this reality. Once when Kyra was five she described us as a helium balloon. Steve was the string and I was the balloon. Without me he would never get off the ground. Without him I would fly away!   

Nov 25th, 2003 Steve is less concerned now that he’s occupied with building a greenhouse. Kyra is demanding more attention; at 15 she needs me more than at 5. And Jarys returns from college for the holiday. So much is being revealed in this writing, so much coming up to be healed. How sensually I experience every detail like a vivid memory relived. In just two months, I have written over 300 pages and that’s with three weeks vacation and lots of breaks for emotional work and enmeshed within a family, taking care of my menagerie of animals, and seeing patients three days a week! Genesis Gold has certainly helped me stay well during this amazing energetic shift. How many patients have I seen with chronic fatigue after going through such a dramatic portal? 

Dec 4th, 2003 Steve finally seems to trust in the divine orchestration, but like doubting Thomas, he has an ancient reputation to overcome J In Mary’s story it is time to walk on water! What is that about? Visualization and faith? I have always had a tremendous amount of faith—the future holds a healing of the pain of the past. It is coming full circle. I have ethereal guides which are a unique expression of my consciousness, but I yearn for a full mind-body-soul connection.

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