I am 50! A Long Awaited Joyous Transformation

Sorry for the long wait. My blog has gone untended as I prepared for a joyous transformation.

March 20, 2011—the full moon spring equinox and my 50th birthday.

My beloved husband threw a marvelous party…a New Orleans crawfish boil…and I invited all I love past and present…yet was conflicted to who would come…I knew only those brave souls who would be part of this great transformation would celebrate with me…and we experienced a great storm…high winds, freezing rain, floods…one-third of the guests did not make it…but 2/3—a perfect PI—arrived wet yet happy to be with me. And we celebrated with food, wine and laughter. Dressed in a goddess gown with butterfly headdress in honor of this great transformation, I was queen for the day in violet, gold and white. The storm raged all day and night. My neighbor commented only the storm of the century for Deborah’s 50th birthday. A salt of the earth friend captured the day in photos while a couple of sister-friends from my past came to celebrate with a neighborhood triad and a tetrad of sisters from my women’s circle. The women in my life…my mother, my mother-in-law, and my medical assistant…all wise women who support and love me unconditionally.  Most of these women brought their men…only those men in deep reverence for the sacred feminine came. And my grandmothers held space in the ethers. Best of all my children were here…to help my beloved husband…throw the party of the year!


What a relief to know my truth.

It all began awhile ago, when I began receiving gifts of honey. First after the new year, from an old friend—a magic sister from my past sharing the fruits of her shop—then from a patient, who just “knew” she needed to buy a jar of macadamia nut honey…I ate it all, both honeys, wondering what’s next. Each spoonful of sweetness evoked a deep remembrance. I am Deborah!

Finally 50 and now I know.

Deborah is the Mycenaean Queen Bee Goddess, worshipped in ancient Crete. The bee represented the soul and rebirth for the Mycenaeans, as well as being a symbol of feminine power. Bee society is organized around a central Queen, with the female worker bees as builders of the hive. The power of the Goddess Deborah was carried forward into the character of Deborah in the biblical Book of Judges. She is referred to as the “mother of Israel”, and inspired her people to a victory over their captors, the Canaanites. The Song of Deborah is one of the oldest parts of the bible (dating from the 8th century B.C.), and is said to be her victory song.

Awake, awake, Deborah:
awake, awake, utter a song.

Judges 5:12.

I felt the shift coming, on the edge of the mystery, within the portal of transformation. I always knew that after 50, I would not exist. Death or transmutation into something unknown. March 9th began the ninth wave in Mayan belief—where everything speeds up in preparation for the shift.

I KNOW the shift is necessary to create what I DESIRE.

In the meantime, I am slow. Waiting, dreaming, doing very little….except remembering, ceremony, creating.

I write a little…dances and songs of old come through me. Then in women’s circle, I had a vision of birthing from the womb/heart of the Earth Mother. I emerged golden with amethyst wings in sweet repose on a powerful blood horse. I had to sculpt my vision…and I did. Over the next seven weeks midwifed by a grandmother, my vision emerged from my hands. And now she sits waiting to be colored, to be fired, to be seen.

A great need to celebrate my 50th year here on earth. Once with my blood sisters…in a three day weekend filled with family drama—oh sisters, I long to know your soul, yet when we gather, we play roles of old—pain and pleasure as sisters fight and kiss, judge and love in their “you are blood, you are ours” way—then a great release of all that does not serve me…At my women’s circle, I became the new “maiden” in the triad of sisters who shall serve the circle, there I planted a seed of intention—TO RECEIVE THE ABUNDANCE OF LOVE AND JOY FROM SACRED SISTERHOOD—Let it Be, Let it Be!

Just as California awaits the arrival of a wave of radiation, we turn dark Helga into fiery Margarita.

My Joyous Transformation

My Joyous Transformation – created by a patient while she went through the change – this metal sculpture of a woman transforming into a butterfly has been my inspiration as I enter the Change.

So many fear the effects of the earth changes, calling for advice on what to do to prepare for radiation exposure. I have no fear…I created Genesis Gold for just this purpose. To assist us physically, emotionally and spiritually through the shift of ages. There is enough seaweed in Genesis Gold to protect—no worries! And better yet the lucidity during this great transformation is profound. I am honored to witness the soul growth of so many who partake Genesis Gold.

And to conclude the formal birthday celebration…

A weekend filled with romance…Steve took me to Avila Beach and when we arrived I felt a pull from deep within a canyon near the pier…”What is that”, I asked. “Diablo Canyon.” Steve replied, “Where the nuclear power plant that sits on a fault line lives.” No fear. No sense of disruption. I wondered when I might “communicate” with the radioactive elements…

After a wet but lovely day of wine tasting…Had an amazing dream while in the arms of my honey…I was being drawn to the surface of the earth from her core…as an element…I was from deep in the earth and parts of me were surfacing all along her crust, brought to the surface artificially, not naturally. I was uncomfortably full of holding energies that were not mine…So very full…feeling that I might explode…no anger, no fear just this bloated feeling…I could hold no more…Then I could feel the light of the sun…our sun and the SUN…light energy from far away penetrated my being AND the bloating began to evaporate…a warm glow enlivened me…I felt lighter and lighter, sinking deeper and deeper into the earth, until She held me in her arms…I awoke knowing that I had experienced plutonium’s journey…

When we returned from our weekend of bliss…I found my seed of intention had sprouted! Sunlight, water and the rich soil of Mother Earth is all it needs to thrive.

All is Well. Those of us who are open to receive the light will help love the world into the next part of this amazing journey on planet earth!

Blessings of Love and Light,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP

Sacred Feminine Healer