Excerpt from “My Lovedance”

My oldest friend is at it again. Who knew that our reconnection would be such a source of inspiration for me? The universe perhaps? Our souls? Well, she asked to borrow any books I had on chakras and meditation. She couldn’t find anything online. I said sure. I’ll look through my library and see what I’ve got. So I went through my spiritual library. I’ve kept every book that has touched my soul but alas, I found nothing. How did I learn about chakras and such if not from books?

That got me thinking. When I first heard about chakras, I think it was about the time I met my first mentor, I felt I already “knew” these points of power. They were in perfect alignment with the endocrine system—the glands that produce hormones. The words used to describe the energy of the chakras — which by the way means wheels of energy in Sanskrit — were exactly how I would describe the hormonal effects from each gland. I see the same colors from root to crown when I assess a patient. The only difference I have with the traditional Eastern interpretation of these energy centers, lies in the second chakra.

So in my interpretation of how East meets West in the endocrine system, the first chakra corresponds with the gonads. Known as the root chakra, the first chakra is red, the color of passionate creation, the fire of creation. The ovaries of a woman and the testes of a man produce the hormones necessary to “create” new life and rebirth themselves. When people enter the midlife crisis, it is truly a time of recreating their new life. Helping them with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been my biological therapies, while I help them understand that in order to get that clear deep red passion back in their lives, they must conceive a new passion. Usually this leads to a new life via art, hobbies, change in occupation, finally finding their soul purpose. Those patients with issues of the first chakra—prostate cancer, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids—I find to be stuck in their creativity. While we may conceive an idea in our brains, it is through this red root chakra that we birth our creations. I “see” the first chakra as taking root into the earth where we birth our creative powers of manifestation.

The second chakra corresponds to the pancreas. Known as the belly or umbilical chakra, the second chakra is bright orange, very sweet, the fuel to the fire of creation. Like insulin escorting glucose into your cells to create energy, the second chakra is your source of creative energy, fueling or nurturing your creations. I call this the sweetness of life. I see very few people with bright orange second chakras. Most of what is diagnosed as insulin resistance is at the spiritual level a resistance to the sweetness of life. Once a patient opens to receive the sweetness of life, her blood sugar stabilizes, she no longer needs to store body fat around her middle like a buoy, her insulin resistance reverses. Not that I do not recommend supplementation to biochemically treat insulin resistance but without the energetic connection, the healing is incomplete.

The third chakra corresponds to the adrenal glands. The adrenals sit atop of your kidneys and are the energetic source of power. They produce the stress hormones of fight or flight. This chakra located at the level of your solar plexus is bright yellow—a place of energetic balance of will and emotion. I find that fear related disease sits here. Don’t you feel fear in the pit of your stomach? Well, that is your third chakra. This is the chakra most of the first world power hungry population is working on. This is the chakra where my bulimia resided…the pit of fear. Although I rarely meet a truly yellow aura, I’ve come to love this golden energy however briefly encountered. It feels like delight. Warm, bright sunshiny, long summer days filled with joy. That is a healthy third chakra.

The fourth chakra corresponds with the thymus. Known as the heart chakra, the fourth chakra is all about learning to love self and others. It is green with a rosy center. The heart chakra is expansive. I’ve had experiences of my heart chakra feeling as large as the ocean…deep and green with all the colors merged within it…where I am connected to all that is…through my heart. The thymus is a tiny gland that programs your white blood cells to know the difference between self and other to protect you. This is where we form healthy boundaries. Heart centered compassion begins with self-love. I’ve heard that Buddhist monks must learn compassion for self before committing themselves to compassionate service to others. This is a hard lesson for we’ve been acculturated to accept martyrdom and self-sacrifice as the means to salvation. Yet if you do not care for yourself, how can you care for others? It’s like the safety instructions given on the airplane. Put your own oxygen mask on first then help those dependent upon you. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The fifth chakra corresponds with the thyroid. Known as the throat chakra, the fifth chakra is blue, clear and bright as a summer sky. The thyroid controls metabolism, how fast we burn energy. The fifth chakra orchestrates how we express ourselves, how we use energy. Do we speak our truth? If not, dis-ease sets in, usually as thyroid disorders, chronic sore throats, laryngitis. All her life, my mother was not able to wear necklaces…she felt as if she was choking to put anything around her throat. A classic fifth chakra issue. Through my own spiritual journey, I have worked through my chakras and just before my 50th birthday felt like I needed topaz to fully open my fifth chakra. My mother found a beautiful silver choker embedded with blue topaz in the form of a butterfly. Perfect gift for my transformation. Perfect timing to finally speak my truth by telling my story.

The sixth chakra corresponds with the pituitary gland. Known as the third eye, the sixth chakra is indigo (notice how the colors of the chakras are in rainbow alignment). The seat of insight, inner knowing, consciousness, the sixth chakra houses the pituitary which regulates the lower endocrine system. Although most refer to the pituitary as the master gland, I like to think of it as a middle manager, since it responds to hypothalamic hormones. The true Queen of the kingdom, the
hypothalamus controls the entire neuro-immune-endocrine system. But that’s another topic fully illustrated in my best-selling book- Hormones in Harmony®.

The seventh chakra corresponds with the pineal gland. Known as the crown chakra, the seventh is violet. I always imagine bowing my head in prayer and receiving divine enlightenment through my crown—white light refracting into the rainbow. When the sun goes down, the pineal gland produces the sleep hormone melatonin and our subconscious communicates with us through dreams. The crown chakra tends to be very open in what I call ethereal people while their lower chakras especially their roots are closed. They appear to me as bubbleheads with their aura concentrated around their head.
It seems to me that each of us has a dominant color to our life force. A violet life force often directs a person towards serving humanity through the healing arts, although I imagine this life force would make a good sage, priestess, wise man. I’ve been told by energy healers that I have a violet aura. I do see violet whenever I meditate and violet is a power color for me.

An indigo life force is unusual in adults. You might have heard of the Indigo Children. It is believed that these children of the new age are born with clear insight, deep inner knowing, and many gifts including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. There’s a lot of speculation of when these children began to arrive, but the majority seemed to be born around the Harmonic Convergence from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s. An indigo life force would seem to guide one into world changing professions and fields. My son is indigo, not an easy aura to have as he grew up, yet is coming into resonance the closer we get to the shift.

A blue life force serves an orator, teacher, politician very well. A green life force seems to direct people into the service fields, agriculture, and environmental sciences. These seem to be salt of the earth, grounded balanced people. My husband has a green life force. Most people I have met with yellow auras seem to be very fearful, tend to have lots of anxiety. I believe that a healthy yellow life force would guide one into many fields of service as you would be empowered by love rather than fear reactive.

Orange auras are rare indeed. I think an orange life force would make amazing parents, especially mothers, but anyone who nurtures new young life would find great ease if they possessed an orange life force. People with red life forces build our world—artists, contractors, technologists, scientists, producers. Red empowers their creative forces and they live life passionately, although may not be easy to live with being fueled by a great survival instinct.

Whatever your dominant life force, all your chakras need to be in balance to stay healthy. I love to do a chakra meditation in which I am climbing a mountain of color. I lie or sit with my hands in a V, fingertips down between my legs to focus my energy in my root and begin my journey into self. I begin at the base of the mountain where the path is red. All the flowers and trees and rocks and even the path itself are shades of red. Often I am met by a red escort, sometimes male, sometimes female, always very sensual, passionate, hot energy. As I ascend the mountain, I can feel my energy rising from my root chakra into my belly. And the path shifts to reddish orange until it is bright and juicy as a naval orange.

Surrounded by orange foliage accompanied by an orange guide whose energy is very sweet, tender, I rise up my mountain of energy. The colors shift into mango, sunset orange-yellow. When I enter a bright yellow part of the path with golden sunflowers and wheat colored grasses, I feel a lightness in my solar plexus, like all my worries have been drained from me. A golden escort brings me higher up the mountain until I meet the green man. Here my escort is always male, perhaps because I see him as the divine masculine part of myself. I feel filled with love, an expansiveness in my chest that extends into my arms through my entire body and out beyond my aura. If I stay here long enough I feel a connection with all that is like I am an ocean of potential. The green path is very natural, earthy, very familiar and I can stay here forever, but the green man always encourages me to go on to the blue part of the journey. The colors shift from green to turquoise to sky blue. All the flowers, the trees, the grasses are a strange but peaceful shade of blue. Here any constriction in my throat relaxes and often I feel like singing. Although the song is wordless, it feels like the sound of my chakras—OH, AHH, OO, EE—a blessed relief. Here I may meet a blue escort, but more likely it is the wind blowing me through this part of my journey. The blue deepens, darkens until it is indigo in color and I feel perched within my own head, as if I am looking in behind my eyes. The mountain path is narrow and shorter now, intensely indigo blue. Like the deepest dye of blue jeans, it stains my perception, everything looks indigo. I am nearly there and stay on this part of the path very briefly.

At the top of the mountain I ascend white marble steps into a crystalline temple. Any garments I may be wearing fall away as I enter a clear pool of water. All my energy fields are cleansed as the water bathes away my fears, doubts, worries, disbelief. I step out of the pool and into a violet flame. Any negativity I have carried into the temple of my being is transformed by this flame into a gemstone. Sometimes the gem is yellow topaz if my work has been centered in clearing fear from my third chakra. Sometimes it is sapphire blue if my focus has been on speaking my truth. The transformation of my negative energy into a gem is a transmutation of poisons into gifts. I leave the gem as a gift to my temple. My crown chakra at this point feels very wide open, yet I am quite grounded. My lower chakras well lit, experienced and cherished keep me in my form, in the temple of my body. Once I set down my gift, I get to enjoy the view. The temple sits upon the mountain of my life and from here I can see where I’ve been and where I’m going, in fact all of my potentials lie before me, paths untaken, paths yet to explore. It is quite wondrous. Sometimes I am in need of guidance and if so I am met by a guide, an angel, more often than not an embodiment of my Higher Self. We sit in conference or stroll the temple gardens and I receive insight.

Sometimes I am taken to an inner room where my ancestral memory resides. Some refer to this as the Akashic records. I don’t spend much energy there, receiving the connections from the past, from my DNA, from my soul agreements and bridging them to my present existence. Sometimes I am in need of healing so I am taken to a healing room where I lie or rather levitate while I am being ministered to by what feels like angels. When I am through with my meditation, I slide or slip or dance back down the path to the point where my fingertips meet at my root.

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  1. I really enjoyed this read. I recently had sound therapy done and it was my solar plexus and heart she said I had the most blockage. I am writing this week on my interview with her as well as what the experience was like.

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