When I was a little girl my sisters and I played Barbies. Each birthday or Christmas, we would ask for a Barbie implement to share—the Malibu beach condo, the cool Barbie camper, a huge Barbie house complete with skididdle kiddles for babies and my absolute favorite—Bryer Horses! Well, the youngest took over the condo and the Malibu Ken, one twin claimed the camper while the other got the big house and the babies. I got the Horse. Since shoes didn’t stay on Barbie while astride her Arabian stallion and the youngest sister was a clothes hog, well, I played Naked Barbie on a Bryer Horse.

Are we always the same from childhood to adulthood? The patterns run strong in my family. The youngest married “Malibu Ken” and lives that life. The camper twin has traveled the world and never really settled down. The other twin lives in a big house with four daughters. I still ride the horse…

And I live naked…baring my soul as part of my healing work.

I had a vision. During a guided meditation in my women’s circle, I saw myself being born from the heart of the earth. A golden woman on a blood red horse with amethyst wings furled on her back. The embodiment of my Higher Self.

Now, I am no longer Naked Barbie on Bryer Horse. I have wings! Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon after a lifetime of binging like a caterpillar, I am transformed.

Excerpt from My LoveDance. Get your copy Now!


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