Most of you know me as an intuitive healer, a hormone expert…and that I teach through story.

Well, LoveDance is the story of a young woman coming into her Sacred Feminine power through intimate relationships. It’s the story of awakening to the truth of our being…as told by its heroine—Mary Magdalen.

And so many readers have shared Mary’s journey through LoveDance and have healed as well.

“Thank you for such a beautiful book. Oh my G-D! Your book encompasses the best of everything I ever read. I absolutely adored it. Provocative, engaging, universal truths expressed through a fabulous character—so loveable and believable. “

Thank you, Gretchen Monak, La Jolla CA


Healing the body is often the focus of medicine, yet without addressing soul issues, physical healing is difficult.

“What an experience. There was a beautiful transmission and healing that happened to me in reading this book…..I met the divine embodied feminine. I didn’t read LoveDance with my mind; I read it with my body. Thank you, Deborah.” Susan Dasch MFT PhD, San Diego CA

In LOVEDANCE I address relationship issues, parenting issues, letting go,
disentangling cords of attachment, the process of death and dying, the symbolism of disease– all through the eyes, voice, and heart of a woman that history malaligned.


I am honored that “Saving Grace” an excerpt from LOVEDANCE OF THE MAGDALEN was chosen to be included in 2014 Bacopa Reviews

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