Chamam Wisdom – Time for Women to Enjoy their Sacred Renewal

What ever happened to the Chamam? You may know the Hebrew Chamam as the red tent, the menstrual hut, the healing place women would go during their moon cycles to renew themselves, to share wisdom, to appreciate their sacred feminine natures?

Let us emulate the wisdom of Mary Magdalen’s time and retreat once a month for sacred renewal. You need not go anywhere. Just within. A cup of soothing tea, a hot soak in water perfumed with your favorite scent, a massage, a long walk in nature. Learn to take time out to care for your self, your body, your soul. Once a month during the dark moon reflect on your interiority. Who are you and why are you here?

Come, spend some time with Mary and the women in LoveDance Awakening the Divine Daughter.
Many Blessings,


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