Happy Feast Day, Mary Magdalen!

A year ago today our family was visiting the Amalfi coast in Italy. We were enjoying a late dinner alfresco when my son asked what I was going to do to celebrate Mary Magdalen’s Day. Before I could answer, the waiter came up to our table and told us that we would greatly enjoy “the parade of flowers”. I asked if the “parade” was in honor of “the Magdalena”.

“Si, Si, Maria Magdalena,” he nodded. So we walked twenty minutes north to the town of Atrani amongst thousands of Italians. At midnight, still wondering how through the crowd, a “parade” was possible, a great display of fireworks began that would put our American fourth of July fireworks to shame. And at the end of the fireworks show in the harbor, roses of light rained down upon the water. The Italians cheered, kissed each other and us, and we all linked arms to dance back home to the tolling of church bells. That’s how the Italians celebrate Mary Magdalen, the patron saint of women.

In honor of Mary Magdalen’s Feast Day, I am offering a special price on LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter.
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Our trip to Italy extended to the South of France where I discovered the Magdalen legends. My Mary Magdalen journey began on September 15th, 2003…

That night I dreamt I was fourteen year old Mary dancing down the streets of Nazareth. LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter is a remembrance of love. My first book took eight months to write and three years to publish.

My second book, LoveDance of the Magdalen, took five years to write. And while I believe this is the book that will be “discovered” as it covers known “mission years of Christ”, to bring Mary’s Sacred Journey to Light, I need connections to the publishing world, perhaps the film world.

LoveDance – both books—break open ancient archetypes tor release the true power of the Sacred Feminine. Now the Time is Finally Ripe for LoveDance to be received by the world.

Writing Mary Magdalen’s story has taught me much about love, about gratitude, about commitment, about releasing fear and receiving the gift of every encounter. Writing LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter helped me reconnect to the Divine Mother and embody Sacred Feminine.

It is “a curse and a blessing to be chosen” as my rabbi friend once told me. I had a difficult time in conceiving the first book. It was hard to be Deborah while remembering Mary. I vowed to not lose myself in the second book yet it took so long to write because it took so long to remember the ancient father wound and then to heal it in my own life and plant a new seed for consciousness.

LoveDance is not just a women’s book. LoveDance of the Magdalen is the time most known by historians and theologians yet I believe they only know the male version of the story. In LoveDance of the Magdalen, I unveil the female version for both men and women.

Once LoveDance of the Magdalen is picked up by a publisher, my first book, LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter, will be republished as the prequel. I am offering the original first edition books for sale.


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