Eloha – Sacred Unity

My favorite Aramaic name for the Divine is “Eloha” meaning the Divine One. In his Mikra on page 49 of LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter, Yeshua’s brother Jacob scribes the royal wedding:

1:1 Eloha, I, Jacob bar Joseph bar Hillel descendent of
Solomon bar David descendent of Judah bar Jacob bar Isaac bar
Avraham, stand as keeper of the records of Yisrael, the title
given by the Divine to Father Jacob for whom I am named.
1:2 On the first day of the year 3772, Yeshua bar Joseph of the
House of David wed Mary of the Hasmonaean House. The
lineage of our people has been patriarchal from the time of
Avraham, but through this marriage, the bloodline shifts to
matriarchal inheritance.
1:3 The Oneness separated itself into light and dark, masculine
and feminine. In Sacred Unity, the two become as One. Ameyn.

To me, Eloha represents Sacred Unity.

Abundant Joy,


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