Life Mirrors Consciousness

Becoming conscious of creating our reality is a great step in awakening to our truth. 


I wrote LoveDance in five parts mirroring the existential questions we all eventually ask—

  • Who am I
  • Why am I Here
  • Where am I Going
  • What is my Purpose
  • When is the Time Ripe

In the book, Mary Magdalen discovers the answers to these five questions to be one joyous challenge after another.

 “Do not struggle with this being. It is her fear of the power of the sacred feminine that sharpens her tongue. Reach out to her, Mary. She is not your enemy, but a reflection of your incomplete sense of self.”

From page 152 of LoveDance: Awakening the Divine Daughter

Life mirrors consciousness. What you see in others is your soul lesson. 

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May you have Abundant Joy,

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP-BC

Intuitive Integrative Health

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