22 Remembering Mary Magdalen: Time to Edit

During the creation of LoveDance, my husband wondered why I didn’t use a story board, but I didn’t need one, the story unfolded magically, plot threads weaving themselves into an amazing tapestry. From September 16th through April 21st, I wrote over 420,000 words! Resembling the rehearsal of the lead role in an epic film, I became Mary in every intimate detail. Too much detail…time to trim the fat from the lean…

 April 22nd, 2004 Without a break, I begin the editing process. The memories must wait, for now is the time to refine book one. I need movement, having neglected Shane, I miss riding, but my compulsive nature cannot stop until it is finished. Still as I catch my breath, yearning to continue Mary’s story, I wish not to be separated from my muse. Perhaps now I should take the time to read what others have written about Mary Magdalen, find out if there is any proof of the remembrance. 

April 27th, 2004 Steve found the Goddess in the Gospels. An interesting book, the energy, symbology, geomatria amazing, not quite in line with my work, but I do not take offense. We all create through the filter of our perceptions. Yeshua comes in sporadically now that I no longer actively create. Even my cat does not sit on my lap as I edit. In the book, I read a quote: “Return my wife to me.” Taken by church doctrine, perpetuated through the centuries, hidden by default, heirs forgotten, bloodline diluted, the message of love but a glimmer of hope in the heart of those incarnate souls yet… fear reigns when the truth is revealed. Now the Great Mother labors, there is no stopping the birth of the goddess—the sister, daughter, wife. We are all midwives—the bridegroom waits patiently. Blessed am I to receive the fullness of self without shame or judgement and casts back the light of my beingness into the shadow that was Mary.

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